Alishia Welsh Corgi Puppy Reviews

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Kalli Edwards

I have never bought a dog online before or had it shipped which I was a little skeptical of. Chris answered all my questions with patience and my sweet pup arrived safe and sound. Great experience, highly recommend!!

Larry & Cheryl Parker

We are thankful we found Cute Welsh Corgi Puppies. They were great to work with, and it is clear that our puppy was properly prepared for us. She has a great temperament and our teenage daughters are thrilled to have their first puppy!

Kathering Rivas

He’s my best friend Jack it’s a Welsh Corgi. I bought him in October 16, 2019, since he is in my life every day it’s amazing, He’s a healthy, adorable, playful, and loving puppy everything & more than I expected. I’m really thankful to Cute Welsh Corgi Puppies.